Monique Art – Unique accessories created for you. Because you are unique! Fashion accessories, hair clips, brooches, hair bows, hairbands, necklaces. Unique accessories, Handmade fashion accessory.
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Hair clip
A decorative hinged clip that girls and women put in their hair to hold it in place.


A small piece of jewellery or decorative accessory with a pin at the back that is fastened to a woman’s clothes.


A band that holds your hair back away from your face. A curved plastic strip worn in the hair, which fits closely over the top of the head and behind the ears.


A piece of jewellery worn around the neck, such as a chain or a string of decorative stones, beads, etc. A piece of jewellery that hangs round your neck.


Hair bow
A decorative bow, worn in the hair. A narrow piece of fabric tied into a bow, used for special occasions.

Fashion accessories, Handmade accessories, hair pin, hair clips, brooch, handmade brooches, hair bow, hairbands, handmade necklaces.

Unique accessories, Handmade fashion accessory